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Telemedicine in a Time of Crisis

Amaze has adapted its business to provide telemedicine to any family for one low monthly cost. We'll take on as many families as we can and will stop accepting new enrollments if we can't support them. Other services like Doctor On Demand, MDLive and Teladoc are reportedly quoting call back times ranging from hours to days.

Everyone needs to ensure they have access to a virtual medical team in this time of crisis. For now, we are accepting new families for $24.99. We will raise that when we add the next 10,000 users, but we will still keep it affordable. In order to keep bringing on medical providers, we need to pay them.

Amaze is available via a web browser, and  iPhone\ Android mobile Apps. For iOS (Apple), Amaze runs on iPhone 7s or later running iOS 11.0 or later For Android, Amaze runs on devices running Android 5.0 or later. Chrome is the recommended web browser. You may always call us, too. We make contacting Amaze very easy.

Urgent cares are closing. Doctors’ offices are closing. Dentist offices are closing. Where are you going to go when your child breaks their arm, when they have a really bad rash, or when you have a strep throat? Not everything is the coronavirus, but that’s all our healthcare system is about right now.

Two days ago the Federal Government asked every American to stop going to their doctors and to instead use telemedicine. Yet there are not enough telemedicine services and wait times are now measured in hours. Everyone needs to associate themselves with a telemedicine service now.

Amaze has transformed its business in a matter of days to offer its services. Designed for employers that want to educate their employees on how to navigate the broken American healthcare system, Amaze has quickly transformed its telemedicine app to meet the fast-growing need. We are bringing on multiple medical providers daily and have many who want to join us.

Our model is different. We provide unlimited support to you and your immediate family for one monthly fee. We are offering our services for $24.99 per month per family, cancellable at any time. We just added weekends and extended hours and are working toward 24-hour coverage quickly. We will be raising our fee to $39.99 per month as we expand our coverage, but your $24.99 price will be honored for the duration of the crisis if you sign up now.

  • General consultations
  • Triage an injury or illness
  • Coronavirus screening
  • Prescriptions
  • Imaging orders Talk to one of our specialists or get help finding one
  • Coaching on how to handle things at home

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