The reason makes us ill, but we’re hiring. And Americans need your help. Physicians, PAs and NPs, please apply here to work from home.

Technical Support

Amaze is quickly adapting to ensure our app and our medical team can help as many people as possible. That means we are quickly changing things. Please update your app often. Updates may be available as often as every three days.

Amaze provides many services in addition to telemedicine. Please feel free to explore the app and use all of it, but also understand that we normally go into employers and teach their employees how to use the app and our services. In this time of crisis, we are just trying to ensure you have access to telemedicine. We’ll start providing web based education sessions and will increase our video lessons shortly.

It is possible that we’ll screw something up. Please be patient with us and let us know, but if you can’t make the app work for you, just request a refund. No questions asked. Just send an email with your user name to

For any other help with the App, just send an email to with your phone number and we’ll call you. You can also email us with questions.

The Amaze App does not currently work on older iPhones (5s and 6’s).

Before the outbreak of the virus, we would teach everyone how to use the app in a class sponsored by their employer. So we’ll do our best to answer the more frequent questions, but since we’re not used to giving our services to someone without the classroom experience, we’re learning, too.

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to my information?

  • go to the lines on the top right and choose “Profiles.”  If there is more than one member click on the name you want to see the information for. 

 How do I update the information?

  • tap the edit button on the top right of the screen.  Edit what needs to be changed and hit Save Profile. 

How do I chat without video? 

  • click the “Chat With Us” button. This will look like it is calling but it is actually
    opening a chat box on our end.  If at anytime during the chat we
    need video, we can switch on our end to video with your permission.